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BEVERAGE HUNTERS is an independent importer specializing in premium drinks for the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. We specialize in the construction and distribution of unique brands. Our main objective is to grow hand in hand with brands through innovative strategies with special emphasis on Route to Market and digital marketing. We carefully select each of the brands in our portfolio.

We have coverage in all territories and we deal directly with large accounts, Cash & Carry and national supermarkets, thus guaranteeing a global distribution, to all channels (on and off trade). We rely on our own sales team, with a solid track record and international experience.

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The New World Gins are different from the classic London Dry flavors, they move away from the typical winter notes of juniper berries, taking them only as a base for more representative and contemporary regional botanists.

In all the senses of the term APOSTLES is THE FIRST GIN PREMIUM IN LATIN AMERICA. The leading botanicals are the fresh leaves of yerba mate, skins pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and peppermint.

When the Spanish colonized what is now Argentina they brought the Jesuits with them to assist them in the evangelization of the local tribes. It was from the Guaraníes that the Jesuits learned the benefits of the mate leaf and began the first formal plantations of it.


In the town of Apostles in Misiones it was the first plantation and is today the national capital of yerba mate in Argentina. Its original name was Prinicpe de los Apóstoles.

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Every drop of rum in our 8 year old bottle has been aged for eight years and every drop in our 12 year old rum has been aged for a dozen years which makes PARCE fall into the category of STRAIGHT AGED RUM .


All natural flavors are used and we do not add any ingredients that cannot be derived from pure sugar cane. Regardless of the industry gaps used by other spirits to market their product, PARCE is true to the value of creating an ultra-premium rum in every sense of the word.

PARCE values ​​the time spent with close people and aims to bring people closer through good times. This commitment to human connection is reflected in its name, which means friendship in Colombia, as well as in its origins since the company was founded by close friends and brothers.

Likewise, PARCE is committed to the ecological well-being of Colombia and the world, since part of its profits are donated to the planting of trees in needy regions, bringing more than 22,000 trees planted to date.

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The Hearach is the first, historic single malt whisky from the Isle of Harris, a small island sat off the far-northwest coast of Scotland, as we revive the distilling traditions lost during the Pabbay clearances of the 1840s.


The award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is made on the remote island of Harris in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

A beautifully designed bottle captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris, while its contents reward the discerning gin drinker with refreshing maritime pleasures.

Isle of Harris Gin is made by the men and women of the Isle of Harris Distillery, also known as 'The Social Distillery'.


Opened in 2015, the distillery's driving purpose is to create sustainable jobs for local people and support their fragile island economy.


By creating beautiful spirits, the distillery generates employment opportunities for young people in particular, giving them an opportunity to live and work in their community.

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We are the spirit of the Seychelles 🇸🇨 


We fill each bottle with the character of our 100 islands, our craft and our people.


The result - a glimpse into our remote paradise.


Born on these islands, made from these islands, and welcoming everything and everyone on the horizon to be a part of our journey. Including what we have yet to discover.





Almost 20 years ago, we (two brothers) along with a bunch of support from our dad and aunt started what has become the number one spirit in our island home nation of Seychelles​

Continuing to proudly pot distill with locally harvested freshly pressed cane and now producing our own molasses column rum plus a cask ageing program firmly underway, we are all set to expand our international footprint.