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It is the flagship of our holistic cycle "From seed to cup". It will take you into a world of smoothness, with perfectly balanced notes.


Soft body with bright platinum tones, citrus and slightly smoky aroma, with lingering notes of wild flowers and moist earth.


Soft, smooth and balanced taste, notes of freshly harvested agave, a touch of almonds, with hints of orange peel, clean, open, pleasant and delicate finish with subtle notes of pink pepper.





Amores Reposado gives you the entrance to the world of mezcal with its sweet and soft notes.


Handmade with Espadín agave, it matures for three months in our American and French oak barrels.


Soft body, bright amber and gold tones; warm wood aroma, lingering notes of cooked agave and a slight nuance of toasted hazelnuts.


End of mouth persistent, warm, open, subtle and prolonged.








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Amores Cupreata is the bridge to a whole range of possibilities in flavors and aromas that only the biodiversity of agaves can offer.


It sets off a journey into a universe of flavors, bringing to life unique herbal notes that immerse you in the forests of Guerrero.


Aromas of leather, cocoa and roasted pumpkin seeds.


It opens in the mouth with a first touch of dried bell pepper and evolves into a mystical perfume of copal incense.


It has a very pleasant ending that transports us to a field after the rain.





Amores cupreata-01.jpg


For the production of mezcal Amores only uses 100% organic and natural ingredients.


The terroir provides different aromas and flavors that make Mezcal unique.


Mezcal Amores carries out the fermentation 100% naturally, without external agents, only what nature and the local surroundings offer.


Each batch of Mezcal Amores is unrepeatable and has a few liters and is labeled with a production batch and signature of the Maestro Mezcalero.


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Logia Cenizo maintains a balance between smoky and citrus aromas on the nose, with intense touches of roasted coffee beans.


Crushed with an ax by hand, 100% natural fermentation and double distillation in copper alembic.


Clear and white tone, on the nose fruity aromas of citrus, earth and sweet touches appear.


Full-bodied with deep roasted coffee beans, woody spices and subtle raisin bread on the palate.







Logia Sierra Negra takes us into a universe of citrus and herbal aromas with light and spicy notes that melt into a sweet finish.


His recipe includes pink peppercorns, lollipop fruit, and red chili peppers.


Deep hints of mandarin combined with herbal aromas of agave.


In the mouth, light meaty notes before transforming into soft notes of rosemary, lavender and cinnamon with an almond finish combined with toasted corn.






amores logia sierra negra-01.jpg






Logia Tobalá presents you with an ancient recipe where time and details are essential, exhibiting earthy flavors with a strong fruity presence.


Made by hand with wild agave A. potatorum 12 years old.


Soft notes of leather and roasted peanuts.


In the mouth notes of fig with a touch of ripe mango and avocado leaf with a sweet caramel finish








Amores plants 10 agaves for each agave it uses, we ensure the continuity of the species and jobs in the community.


Only organic agaves are used and the fermentation is 100% natural so no chemicals are added.


He pays all the Maestros Mezcaleros Amores a fair price for each liter of Mezcal always seeking to improve their quality of life.


Amores donates 15% net of each bottle sold to the support of the producing communities and to preserve the fauna and flora of Mexico.

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